who we are

We aspire to be an innovative eLearning company of choice for non-profit and corporate clients seeking a tailored, exciting approach to online training. 

Founded May 2021 in Gibraltar, we are a new company in our sector. DigiDemics itself is a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its continued effects. Enforced social distancing across the globe created an even higher demand for eLearning experts to transition physical education materials into accessible online contexts. Our business serves to fill this gap.

our eLearning expertise

We do a few things but we do them well. Everything is underpinned by our adult learning and training approach. We create flexible and bespoke modules, proven to cater to the needs of the individual learner. All while maintaining a spark of creativity in the design process that keeps the learner engaged and interested in the learning materials.

At a time when many are opting for industrialised and standardised offerings within eLearning, we believe in unique learning experiences. With several years of eLearning experience, we are specialists – our sole activity is to serve our clients, providing a holistic approach to help them find the best possible eLearning strategies and solutions.

We believe in taking learner involvement to the next level, powered by the current software revolution. Elevating physical content using gamified and interactive education gives our clients a secure and powerful tool towards exceeding their training outcomes.

our philosophy

“Knowledge is potential”

The word academics finds its etymological roots in the name of the public garden where Plato taught his school – the grove of Akadēmos, a legendary Athenian of the Trojan War and original estate-holder of the site. Plato’s Academy was renowned as a meeting place for thinkers and those interested in sharing ideas – academics.

DigiDemics takes its name from that word. In Greek, demic relates to a specific group of people, while the word digi comes from Latin – which meant finger or toe, then the numbers we counted them on, and finally the technology we interact with using our very own digits.

The name DigiDemics therefore reflects our philosophy, as digital people who aim to create virtual ‘groves of Akadēmos’ – developing online forums of knowledge and learning, to unlock the potential in others.


Yorik Janssens

Senior Instructional Designer & Founding Director

A digital nomad born and raised, Yorik identifies as a Belgian-Kenyan-Kiwi-Australian. After several years of global travel, study and working as an eLearning freelancer, he chose to settle in Gibraltar – where he launched DigiDemics in May 2021.

Yorik brings a fresh perspective to eLearning. He’s passionate about the potential for gamified education, and brings a knowledgeable and uniquely creative approach that ensures every outcome is a resounding success.

where we are

Based in sunny Gibraltar, we work from the crossroads of history. With clients all over the world, our outlook and mind set is resolutely international.