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IRC fraud training

To meet anti-corruption and fraud training needs for the IRC, we designed gamified & interactive scenario-based content using the Articulate Storyline and Vyond platforms.

The IRC responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Due to difficult environments, IRC staff encounter a variety of potentially corrupt and fraudulent scenarios in the workplace – which they need to be able to identify and report properly.

We designed a scenario-based story game where learners moved through a fictional IRC office as a new hire, encountering a variety of possible fraudulent and corrupt situations. 

The learner selected the best way to respond to each situation out of several options, and was given instant feedback on their choice.

This enabled new IRC staff to practise dealing with these kinds of issues, and to be able to more easily identify and know how to deal with them on the job.

Albanian LGBT+ civil awareness project

A need for improved awareness of LGBT+ concepts and better treatment of LGBT+ citizens by civil servants was identified by the Albanian School of Public Administration. We coordinated with them, as well as supporting experts from the Kingdom of the Netherlands and a local LGBT+ group.

Present and explain difficult LGBT+ concepts and issues to new and existing civil servants in Albania, while representing various LGBT+ groups equally. The Albanian language was also not native to any of DigiDemics’ designers and developers.

We carefully crafted two colourful, representative, and balanced explainer videos using Vyond. One succinctly covered LGBT+ facts and figures for any Albanian citizen, while the other was targeted for Albanian civil-servants specifically.

The civil-servant explainer video was further supported by a scenario-based Articulate Storyline interaction. The civil-servant was put in the shoes of a transitioning citizen, who had previously experienced poor treatment from civil servants due to their non-traditional gender identity. The learner was then tested on their ability to respect and support that citizen in a positive and sensitive way, using a best practice approach to improve their administrative experience.

To overcome the language barrier, we liaised closely with the local Albanian LGBT+ group and a translator to make sure that the Albanian videos were correct. A local LGBT+ radio star provided the voiceover for both videos.

The business successfully bridged the knowledge gap for new and existing Albanian civil servants, and exceeded the expectations and outcomes of all involved stakeholders. 

selection of Articulate developments

As our Articulate modules are owned by our clients, we are unable to share these publicly. Feel free to get in touch and we will send some examples.