interactive eLearning modules

Are you keen to offer interactive and inspiring e-learning modules to your learners?
Does it need to look sleek and modern?
Would you like the modules to have a diverse and global look?
Would you like to hear professional narrators for the audio parts?
Would you like some gamified learning too?
Do the tasks need to be smart and interesting?
Do you like to see as many real-life scenarios as possible?
Does the module need to be translated in multiple languages?
Do your learners need a certificate at the end?

These and many more requirements are typical of the design specs we receive, so you’re in good hands!

where do we start? what’s the process?

You might have a webinar recording, or a PPT with notes, or a handbook with content. That’s
always a good start. We will ask you or the expert to provide us with some real-life stories too, in
order to add scenarios to the training. That ‘learning design’ process requires a close collaboration
between your team and ours.

Then we suggest some styles and approaches, and develop a few prototypes until you’re happy.

next, we’re all set for development!

We tend to use Articulate Rise and Articulate Storyline for the development of e-learning modules,
because we think that’s the best software around right now. However, we’re happy to use any other
authoring tool you prefer.

let's talk

Interested in having us develop interactive eLearning modules for you? Get in touch with us.